Water Shutoffs in your New Homes in Richmond Enhance Your Vacation


















Vacation is upon us and the office calendar countdown has begun. Big red “X” mark the days as the countdown ensues with coveted anticipation. Vacation. Whether you spend your coveted relaxation on the beach, in the mountains, on a cruise or remote island, all of us want to make sure our prized possession, our new homes in Richmond, is safe while we double down enjoying the fruits of justified relaxation.

At Boone Homes, we realize your need to escape the comfort of your castle periodically to detoxify from your heavy workload. Because of this need, we have tailored a few items in each Boone Home to allow for you to leave with peace of mind. One such detail which normally escapes the scrutiny is the location of our water shutoffs. Most builders locate their water shutoffs under the home, in a crawl space which can be difficult to access. Boone Homes, on the other hand, locates the shutoffs in the garage where they are easily accessible without having to crawl around. Also notice there are two shutoffs. This is specifically designed so you can turn off your house water, but leave the water spigots and programmable irrigation system running so you don’t come home to a yard that has suffered while you enjoyed a week of drinks with mini-umbrellas. It pays to buy a Boone Home. 

Don’t own a new Boone Home  on prime Richmond real estate yet? Here are some details to consider. Boone Homes has award-winning architects who design award-winning plans to fit your lifestyle, even when you are relaxing on the beach. Each detail of your new home is designed to work in real life and for real people. For a personalized tour of a luxury new home community built by Boone Homes, call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760.

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