Life, Liberty and Richmond No Maintenance Homes












We are merely one day away from fireworks celebrating our great country’s Independence Day and the freedom to choose our destiny, path and outcome. Choice. Each one of us has the ability to choose more than what we have for breakfast. We have the right to choose our schools, choose our leaders, choose our careers, choose where to live and more importantly choose how to live our lives with the freedom we have. Not a bad place to call home. All of us enjoy our freedom to choose.

What are your options?

At Boone Homes  we celebrate your ability to choose and thank our lucky stars that each and every day free people choose to purchase the lifestyle of freedom our Richmond no maintenance homes provide. Each no maintenance home built in one of our luxury neighborhoods capitalizes on such freedom. One level living provides the freedom from steps. No maintenance provides the freedom to leave the home to travel, run toes through the sand, enjoy the world or merely watch someone else do the hard work. Life is good when you choose a no maintenance home by Boone Homes.

For more than 30 years Boone Homes has embraced the power of personal choice with intentionally designed award-winning plans which have been improved upon by our customers. Our understanding of personal choice has pushed Boone Homes to build the best quality homes repeatedly in the best possible locations throughout town. Prime Richmond real estate coupled with a quality home is the recipe for a carefree lifestyle.

For a personalized tour of a Boone Homes no maintenance community, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. You will not regret the change in lifestyle your choice will evoke. No need to wait, make the choice to call today.

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