Eyes vs. Richmond New Homes












Would you purchase the services of a doctor who offered the lowest price on eye surgery? Would you blindly (pun intended) sign the paperwork and lay on the surgery table if you didn’t see a certificate on the surgeon’s wall showing she had passed the basic requirements needed for graduating as a surgeon? What kind of questions would you ask? Would you be more interested in finding the lowest bidder to perform surgery on your eye? Why or why not? It seems funny to even ask these questions as most would rather pay excessively more for a competent and reputable eye surgeon as they would feel they had a better chance at coming out with the results they were expecting. At Boone Homes, we see (pun intended) this analogy applying to Richmond new homes.

A new home is not measured by price alone. There needs to be a better metric. Price per square foot is not a good metric either. Price per square foot addresses how cheaply a home can be built – what you don’t see behind the walls is just as important as what you do see. Maybe the metric used to measure results should have something do with experience.

For the same reason you would like to use a reputable eye surgeon to address and correct your sight issues, you should consider an experienced builder whose reputation can stand the test of a local market over time. At Boone Homes, we have been building no maintenance homes and fine luxury homes in Richmond for over 30 years. Each home is built as if it were our own. Experience does matter. This is why we have the highest rate of repeat clients in the Richmond metro area.

Come see for yourself why experience matters. For a personalized tour of a luxury new home community, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 or visit the Boone Homes website. Call today. Experience lives here.