State of the Union in Richmond New Homes




















“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice-President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans.” That was how President Obama began his speech on the State of the Union in 2011. In his speech, President Obama reviewed the past year and cast a vision for the new and coming days of 2011, accounts of which now adorn the history books. If we had a State of the Union address about our Richmond new homes, what would it sound like? I think it would sound something like this.

The speech would need to start with some of the pleasantries so we would begin by addressing our crowd, “Mr. Homeowner, Ms. Homeowner, Illustrious Mr. Prospective Homeowner and fellow Americans.”   After the opening introductions, we’re on to the accomplishments.

“The State of Boone Homes is strong. No doubt the ‘Great Recession’ has made a mark on everyone, but the data tells the full story. Boone Homes is still building homes including inventory homes in every neighborhood. The same quality that made Boone the premier luxury home builder in Richmond is poured daily into each home we build.”

“High performance homes” would be the highlight pundits would discuss after the speech. Adoring marks from excited experts would describe Boone Homes’ sustainable commitment to improving new luxury homes in Richmond. Improving not only the new home’s performance but also the ecological and environmental impact each homes has. Special points would be awarded for Boone Homes’ intentional commitment to energy conservation.

The speech would end with a call to action. “If you or someone you know is looking or curious about high-performance homes, then please contact Chris Parks at 804-218-7760 for a personalized tour.”

With this record of performance, Boone Homes is sure to be re-elected. Come see for yourself today.