2012 a New Year for Richmond New Homes

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The hopes, dreams and potential of yesteryear are now in action. Yesterday is gone along with 2011. Today is a new day. Today we are ready for action. Here at Boone Homes, we’re taking 2012 aggressively and capturing every possibility with intention. This year will be an adventure. The adventure begins today. In this new quest, we will release a multitude of new offerings for the coming year. Some will be secrets shared just in time; others will be exciting changes for our Richmond new homes that will infuse strength into an already star studded crown of achievement.

One of the new and exciting pieces of news will be the release of new floor plans, architecture and design for our floor plans. All our new home designs are carefully thought out by an award-winning architect who integrates style and luxury with a masterful blend of architecture and chic design. Each plan is carefully scrutinized to ensure a minimum amount of space is lost or unused. The plans will then be tested in the field and improved upon.

Should one of our new plans not fit your needs, a careful redesign can be completed to ensure that our Richmond custom homes fit your lifestyle needs. Each new home built is constructed as if it were our very own.

While there is plenty of new and exciting information coming, you will have to stay tuned to follow all the developments as they materialize. We have built new homes on prime real estate in the Richmond area for over 30 years, and are known regionally for impeccable quality and masterful design.

For a personalized tour of a new home or to take a look at the lifestyle these homes provide, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 or visit the Boone Homes website.