Adequately Venting Your Richmond New Homes











Chefs great and small all have one thing in common: their cooking can sometimes create odors that don’t necessarily complement your Richmond new homes’ atmosphere. Who knew  that the smell of burnt cake, the odor left behind from fried fish or the garlic in last night’s pasta could entrench itself so deeply in your homes? The battle lines have been drawn. Odor can disperse throughout a home easily when cooking, unless you have a vented hood above your cooking space.

We believe in building every new home with a way to remove unnecessary kitchen odors before they permeate the home. The method of removing the air-bound odors is through a vented hood installed over the kitchen range.  The vented hood pulls the odors directly off the range top and promptly shows them the door.

Several types of vented hoods are available, though the categories can be refined to two main categories.   Category one is an over the range Microwave-Hood Combination. This type of hood has a dual purpose. Purpose number one serves as a microwave oven. Though popping popcorn, reheating drinks or food is the primary purpose, the hood portion of this appliance is designed to remove odors from the range surface, allowing them to exit along with their odor.

The second type of hood is a built in hood. This type of hood can be a stand-alone appliance designed to eject air or a highly decorative appliance hidden behind cabinetry detail. Both the microwave hood combination and the stand alone hood unit are efficient enough to adequately remove kitchen odors before they permeate the home.

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