Relaxing in Your Richmond Maintenance Free Homes




















Relaxation is exactly what you need to unwind from an intense work day, but where can you go to put up your feet and forget the troubles of your day? It’s a big question. What you may need is a Richmond maintenance free home that has an additional room to give you that extra solitude craved by your soul. This need was evident when Boone Homes’ award-winning architect designed this no maintenance home, the Moorcroft, with a loft.  Shrouded with solitude, a loft cleanses all the intensity from the day and washes stress into the past with the fading light of day. It’s the perfect place to relax and read a book.  Everyone needs a place of solitude to clean worries from each day.

A loft plays an important role in new homes built in Richmond. A role that is not so much built on architecture as it is based on a holistic view of internal solitude and restoration. Located on the second floor of a new home, a loft can ease, restore and renew. During construction, a loft can be designed and built to include built-in book cases, television connection, computer center or a second floor location where the family, or the individual, can connect or decompress.

Boone Homes builds no maintenance homes and luxury new homes on prime Richmond real estate, and has been doing so for more than 30 years. Our new homes in Richmond are designed by award-winning architects and improved upon by our home owners. With seven communities around town you are sure to find the home and lifestyle you are looking for.

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