Experiencing the Lifestyle of Richmond No Maintenance Homes, Conclusion











The capstone reason for purchasing Richmond no maintenance homes is the freedom to experience life. This freedom to experience life does not happen by accident. It is deliberate, intentional, by design. Your freedom from the routine of yard maintenance like mowing, fertilizing, aerating and irrigating is measured by how you use the new time to build and create new experiences. In a no maintenance home, you get to skip cleaning the gutter and instead enjoy an extra appetizer washed down with a few sips of wine. Or, trade the rake for a nine iron and an extra nine holes. Gone are the days of shoveling snow: in a no maintenance home you can enjoy a sunny cruise to exotic lands instead.

Each action comes with a reaction. In the case of a no maintenance home, the reaction is more time to experience life. Who doesn’t want more time to experience life?

Life is measured in moments and experiences. If the beach is calling, lock the house and leave the maintenance to someone else. A no maintenance home is designed specifically for you to be able to lock the home and enjoy the gift of time.  http://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

We have built quality no maintenance luxury homes Richmond for more than 30 years. Each home is built with the watchful care of our superbly trained superintendents, selections coordinators and architects. Our goal for each home is to build it as if it were our very own.

We have five no maintenance communities throughout the Richmond area. With homes starting in the high-$300.000s there is sure to be a home that will fit your needs. All the homes in these no maintenance communities are designed for first floor living.

Come and experience today what a no maintenance lifestyle can mean for you. For a personalized tour of a no maintenance community call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 for more information.

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