Exploring New Homes in Richmond with No Maintenance Lifestyles, Part 2










New homes in Richmond with a no maintenance lifestyles provide their owners with a variety of perks. The greatest bonus of the lifestyle is the gift of time; time to relax, time to travel, time to be with family and friends and time to experience life. The gift of time comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. To maximize the opportunity of time gifted by a no maintenance lifestyle, one should consider carefully which lifestyle fits better with individual needs for size and space.

What one readily acquaints with a no maintenance lifestyle would be an apartment or condominium in which there is no yard to upkeep. In an apartment or condo, the common areas are available to all for personal use and privacy usually depends upon the particular moment in time in which you chose to visit. This no maintenance lifestyle is not to be compared with our luxury no maintenance homes in Richmond.

Living in one of our no maintenance communities is unlike a condo or apartment complex in that the homes have a yard that can be used with a fair amount of privacy. All of our Richmond no maintenance homes stand alone with a front, side and rear yard. The rear yard usually has a private patio, whether raised off the ground or flat on the ground, to be enjoyed for private cook-outs, morning coffee and a newspaper or an afternoon session of basking in the sun. This yard, though private, is tended by the community association relieving you of the duty of mowing, irrigating, fertilizing and any other yard related maintenance activity.

We offer new homes in five luxury, no maintenance neighborhoods in the Richmond area. Each neighborhood is designed with one level living in mind.

For a personalized tour of a luxury no maintenance neighborhood and to see what the gift of time looks like, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 for an appointment.  Come visit today and see how the gift of time will change your life.

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