New Homes in Richmond Without the Hidden Trap











Richmond custom home builder Boone Homes would like to ask: Have you ever felt caught? You know, the feeling of hopeless anger touching the last nerve of patience and mushrooming into a cloud of despair? Usually that happens during one of two times. One, when someone has manipulated events to gain the upper hand; or two, when our thinking was less than critical and we left irrelevant information out that should have been considered. The second trap is the most dangerous of all because we convince or reason our minds into what an answer should be without considering crucial angles. As a new home professional working with Boone Homes, I see this quite often. Let me explain.

Many who are on the hunt for a home these days are surrounded by exceptional opportunities in real estate. The Richmond real estate market is no different and is equally laden with used homes and plenty of opportunity. The challenge with these opportunities lies in while they may fit the budget and portray a tremendous opportunity they don’t address a hidden trap. The trap of what the future holds. This trap has many consequences; we will only discuss two today.

Trap #1: Energy consumption will be an issue for years to come. The days of inexpensive energy are soon fading into the horizon. With emerging markets thirsty for energy, our costs are sure to escalate.

Trap #2: Not planning for life’s cycles. None of us stay the same. Sounds simple enough; until you realize you purchased a home for today without considering your future needs and will need to replace it with a more suitable home for life’s cycle.

With these two traps in mind it is good to consider our Energy Star qualified new homes in Richmond. Each home we build is constructed with the latest technology to improve the energy efficiency of the home. One of our latest studies shows a 3,100 square foot home cooling in the month of June for $91. Boone Homes also builds Energy Star qualified homes with all the main living features on the first floor of the home.

Don’t get trapped. Come take a look at a planned community with all the lifestyle features and superior craftsman ship. For a personalized tour, call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760.

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