Wedding Plans and Planning for Your New Home in Richmond











How much thought do you put into looking for, researching and planning the purchase of your new home in Richmond? Is it as much as you would for, say, your wedding day? What value is there in having your way?

The bride wants the wedding her way so she is willing to dole out significant levels of cash for the right atmosphere, location and restaurant. The food is carefully selected down to the very last appetizer and cake decoration. Every little detail is planned down to who will be in which pictures, what will be said and when it will be said. The icing on the cake is selected from a number of options so that the fairy tale day will correctly fold into the annals of history. Why is one day in life given so much attention while other details, with identical consequences, seem to only marginally arouse interest? Do you give this much attention to detail in other aspects of your life?

Boone Homes urges you to consider the following details when making a new home purchase:

  • Age is crucial to consider when looking at a home. Vintage homes may have some quaint features of days gone by, but will not hold up to performance of a new home or a custom new home. New Energy Star homes outperform other new homes in heating and cooling by 45 percent or more.
  • Location is another ingredient for a well-planned home. Schools, health, amenities, sidewalks, proximity to roads and much more play into making a location more than just a place to live.
  • Quality: was the home built well? Does the home enjoy the latest energy saving features? Was the home checked by an engineer prior to construction?
  • Reputation: when buying a new home, does the builder have a reputation that can be substantiated?

Boone Homes, a Richmond custom home builder, has been building high quality homes for more than 30 years in the Richmond and central Virginia area. Each home is meticulously planned by a staff of precise architects, engineers and draftsmen. Correctly planning the use of space, each luxurious detail and the monumental need for family comfort is designed with precision.

Boone Homes builds no maintenance homes and luxury estate homes in a variety of locations around the Richmond metro area. Please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 for a personalized tour of one of Boone Homes’ magical neighborhoods.

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