Long Term Decisions and Graceful Living in Richmond Maintenance Free Homes













We make decisions every day: Simple decisions like, what will make for lunch in the kitchens of our Richmond maintenance free homes, or what is the best time to call my mom? The cumulative effect of these decisions is who we are today. Some decisions were obviously good in hind sight. Others, well, we can laugh off as indiscretions.

Very few repercussions effervesce from the simple decisions, but what about other bigger decisions like:

  • How will I handle aging?
  • How long will I be able to be independent?

Ignoring these questions has a greater impact on life than ignoring the question of “mayonnaise or mustard?” Putting life into perspective, 70 percent of all people will stay in the place they live after the age of 65 (data from www.seniorresource.com). The challenge with this statistic is most homes are designed for the stage of life when agility went hand-in-hand with child rearing. The statistic of 70 percent is a common fact that needs to be related to the bigger question: what are your plans?

Boone Homes, a Richmond custom home builder, has answered these questions with a segment of housing for Graceful Living, something referred to as No Maintenance Housing. This housing is designed for aging in place, or as seniorresource.com describes it, “growing older without having to move.” These homes are thoughtfully designed with all the main features included on the first floor of the home and with secondary bedrooms on the second level for the occasional guest or family visit.

Boone Homes has five communities where life can be enjoyed and livedgracefully. Each passing day raises the urgency with which to answer the critical question of “what are your plans?” Come visit a graceful living community today and see why so many have chosen this graceful lifestyle in a no maintenance community. Call Chris Parks today for a personalized tour 804.218.7760 or visit the Boone Homes website for more information.