Too Young for No Maintenance Luxury Homes in Richmond?











What is the perfect age to buy luxury homes in Richmond with a no maintenance lifestyle? Certainly a great question to ponder. To completely analyze whether the lifestyle would be a good fit, we need to start by asking the right questions. Here are a few:

  • Do I enjoy mowing the lawn?
  • Do I enjoy raking and disposing of leaves?
  • Do I enjoy cleaning gutters?
  • Do I enjoy painting?
  • Do I enjoy snow removal?
  • Do I enjoy the soothing effects of a pain medication and a heat pad after a day in the yard?

How are we so far? Now we start a new section with new questions to refine the answers down to application and determine if the no maintenance lifestyle is a good fit.

  • Do I enjoy watching a professional do the maintenance?
  • Do I enjoy watching a show?
  • Do I enjoy taking a leisurely walk?
  • Do I enjoy meeting with friends on a Saturday afternoon?
  • Do I enjoy two weeks on the beach?
  • Do I enjoy the golf course?

So how are we with this new set of questions? IF you are answering “no” to the first set of questions and “yes” to the second set of questions, then you are ready for the gift of time and at the right age for a no maintenance lifestyle. The last question:

What will you do with your new gift of time?

Boone Homes is building quality no maintenance homes in five neighborhoods throughout Richmond. Each no maintenance community of Richmond custom homes is professionally maintained simultaneously to ensure a clean and worry free appearance for the entire neighborhood.

For a personalized tour of a Boone Homes no maintenance community, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. Call today, you might just need to experience the gift of time first hand. What are you