No Maintenance Richmond New Homes Give You More Time


















Trees are decorated. Lights adorn. Music is playing the nostalgic tunes of Christmas. Progressively, presents will be wrapped and placed under the tree while the wafting aroma of freshly baked cookies and pies garnish childish ideals of bearded men with red suits coming down the chimneys of our Richmond new homes. All we need now is more time to enjoy the season with those who mean the most to us.

Sadly we are consumed with raking the leaves from the yard and preparing to fertilize, aerate and spread the pre-emergent. All while consulting snow removal and gutter cleaning services and the hunting down the pesky painter who needs to touch up to the trim. Maintenance forces us to consume time, not cookies.

What could you do with the extra time? Could you spend more time with the family decorating the tree? Maybe you could take more time to visit family? What about possibly baking more cookies for the family visit? Any of those activities sound more productive than maintaining a routine. Maybe you need to consider a new no maintenance home.

Our no maintenance homes are built in exclusive communities where seasonal required exterior maintenance is taken care of, allowing you to experience more time. This no maintenance lifestyle evokes ecstatic emotions of relief and awe as one leaves the raking, mowing, irrigating, painting, gutter cleaning and more to a professional. Leaving the routine to the care of professionals frees up time. You cannot make any more time, but a professional service can free up your time.

We have been building luxury Richmond custom homes and no maintenance homes in the Richmond metro area for more than 30 years. With no maintenance homes from the high $300,000s, anyone should be able to find the right no maintenance lifestyle to meet their needs.

For a personalized tour of a no maintenance community, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 or visit the Boone Homeswebsite.