Buying Time When You Purchase Richmond New Homes











Whether it involves work, errands, maintaining our Richmond new homes and everything else that life holds for us, all of us have a prescribed amount of time. We will enjoy no more and no less. Time cannot be measured in value like money. One simply cannot buy more time with more money. Time is measured in experiences, in moments and in memories.

Alan Weiss, a renowned consultant and book writer, once said, “you can always make more money, you can’t make more time.” Weiss’ encouragement was to use your time wisely and shed unnecessary activities so you could maximize your time. I pose the question, what if you could buy more time? What would the price be? Would you take the steps to shed what is costing you what you can never get back?

Here at Boone Homes we offer you the gift of time with the purchase of a home in one of our luxury, no maintenance communities. These communities have standalone homes, like other new home communities. The difference is you don’t have to rake, mow, paint, clean gutters or spend time with the activities that steal time. In shedding these time consuming activities you now can focus your efforts on experiencing life. Is that a tradeoff worth considering?

Boone Homes has been building no maintenance, luxury homes in Richmond for more than 30 years. With five no maintenance communities and three estate communities, you are certain to find the right home to fit your lifestyle. Each home built in our no maintenance communities enjoys one-level living with all the main living features, including the owner’s suite, located on the first floor. These homes are built with ENERGY STAR® features.

For a personalized tour of a Boone Homes no maintenance community in the Richmond area, please call Chris Parks at 804-218-7760. Call today and enjoy the gift of time because they aren’t making any more of it.