The Value of Comfort in Your Richmond New Homes











Feet cold? That is a sign that you have lost thermal control over the floor surface in your Richmond new homes. In real terms what it really means is the competing cold air from below has cooled the floor surface to the point where the heat from the room above can no longer take back thermal control over the surface. Big words put simply, you’ve lost your comfort and now the cold is creeping up your legs to your knees.

The creep of the cold has further demonstrated that the cold from outside the home is influencing your heating equipment and forcing the equipment to work harder. I wonder what the extra work is doing to your energy bill?

“But my home is new. Why is this happening?”

Great question: probably because the home was built to code, but not with common sense. According to ENERGY STAR®, homes built to code have the equivalent of .5 mile worth of cracks and crevices that allow air to infiltrate, thereby causing discomfort. You think these cracks and crevices are minimal? Well .5 mile actually equals leaving one window open year round. Nice: very nice. Not so comfortable now.

Here at Boone Homes, we build ENERGY STAR® qualified Richmond custom homes in each of our eight luxury new home and no maintenance communities. These homes are built to maximize comfort, not cold knees and toes. Special care is taken to close up the .5 mile of cracks, equaling one fully opened window.

This care is through common sense practices that really do little to affect the overall cost of the home, though they directly affect the comfort of the home. The energy saved due to our common sense practices is apparent with each energy bill.

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