Your Greatest Asset: Energy Efficient Richmond New Homes



























Energy costs are going up. One of the most significant expenses in owning a home is the heating and cooling costs. What if I told you about a new home that could be cooled in the summer buy using a single ice cube? What would your reaction be? You’d be looking for the catch, which there certainly would be one unless you lived in an igloo.

What if the truth was that the Richmond new homes built by Boone Homes could save you 38 percent or more in just heating and cooling costs alone? What would your reaction be? What would your reaction be if I told you that the 38 percent savings is in comparison to other new homes?  When the same home is compared to a used home, the savings increases even further. Would you be shocked to know it is true?

Boone Homes is now building Energy Star homes on prime real estate in prime planned communities in the Richmond area. These energy star homes are so efficient that even the unconditioned attic is cool in the summer time compared to any other home without Energy Star technology. All the new Richmond custom homes constructed by Boone Homes are now built with energy star technology.

For a personalized tour of an Energy Star home built on prime real estate, visit the Boone Homeswebsite or call Chris 804.218.7760. He will explain all the features and benefits of owning an Energy Star home in some of the best locations around Richmond.