3.5 Virtues of Richmond New Homes with a First Floor Study











Noise resonates around walls, under closed doors and slices through conversations. The rumble of sound consumes the silence with fervor. If only there was an office away from the office where things could actually be completed and progress accomplished. If only I could find a business oasis that would not devour family time, clutter the kitchen table and consume a guest bedroom. Has the noise epidemic ruined your home office? What if your home had an office? Not just another space, but a genuine office. What would the impact be? What if that office was on the first floor? Would the home suddenly be virtuous?

Boone Homes builds custom Richmond new homes, many of which have a first floor study. Though there are probably more, here are 3.5 virtues we have found in a first floor study.

Virtue #1

You don’t have call over the megaphone for silence in the family room or exile the kids to the back yard. You can retreat to the first floor study and close the French doors to control sound for that teleconference.

Virtue #2

The study has a classical look you wouldn’t mind inviting friends in to enjoy with you. Elegant built-in bookcases can adorn and organize productivity. If you are self-employed, this first floor office can be the catalyst of your business without feeling second place.

Virtue #3

The study is a technological master piece. Prewired with phone lines, data lines and cable will ensure your productivity will outlast the drone of the conference call. Enlist the help of all your online sources and feel comfortable that no MB of data will be left behind.

Virtue #3.5

Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has several homes finished and ready for occupancy that have first floor studies. Consider retreating into your first floor study closing the French doors without having to sacrifice the proximity to your family. What a great home to live in.

For a personalized tour of the homes with first floor studies call Chris 804.218.7760. For information about Boone Homes, visit the website.