The Exciting World of Roof Trusses…No Really!










Roof trusses are one of those things that most of us don’t think much about. We know they’re there and we trust they will support the roof over our heads, but that is usually where our thinking stops. Trusses aren’t exactly the exciting topic that things like cabinets and countertops can be for buyers of new homes in Roanoke, but that’s all about to change. Boone Homes is leading the way for Roanoke new home builders by making raised heel roof trusses standard in all of our plans.

So what in the world is a raised heel roof truss and, really, why should you care? The reason is very simple…insulation. Getting full insulation coverage over the entire top floor ceiling is difficult when using conventional roof trusses; that’s because they’re not designed in a way that allows insulation to maintain its full thickness all the way to the wall. When insulation is compacted and not able to retain the full thickness, the R-Value is reduced which means that even if you install an appropriately high valued insulation you will not receive its full benefit. Raised heel trusses are built to allow the insulation to maintain its full thickness all the way to the wall, thus allowing the insulation to work to its full potential.   This not only keeps your family warmer, but increases the energy efficiency of your home.

We at Boone Homes of Roanoke learned about the benefit of raised heel roof trusses while doing research into ENERGY STAR® qualified building, specifically insulation practices. When we learned of the fantastic benefits from their use we decided to make the commitment to build not only our ENERGY STAR qualified homes using the raised heel system, but all of our homes in Roanoke. No matter if you choose to build your new home to ENERGY STAR standards or with conventional building practices, you and your family will benefit from the added insulation values achieved using raised heel trusses.

If you have been reading the Boone Homes blog, you have seen the series on our first Roanoke ENERGY STAR home in Hampshire located at 5829 Monet Drive. You can see these raised heel roof trusses in use there, as well as any of our traditionally built new homes started after January 2011 including 6678 Sugar Ridge Drive, a great Arts & Crafts Cape Cod on Sugar Loaf Mountain.

To learn more about Roanoke custom home builder Boone Homes, or discuss the benefits of raised heel roof trusses in your family’s next new home please call Tim Garrison at (540) 278-1369.