4.5 Reasons That Betray Judgment



















There are 4.5 basic reasons that can get us into trouble when we are looking at purchasing a new home. Usually these reasons act as the sole determining metric for decisions. The problem with these metrics is the illogical sway they have on our purchasing decision; and it may lead us to choose a home that we’re unhappy with instead of the Richmond maintenance free homes of our dreams. Take a look for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

1. Initial cost of ownership is a short sighted metric used to determine what will get the contract executed you into the home —  not what it will cost to own the home. For example: Recently, a purchaser who had looked at our new Energy Star homes came back to my office and confessed that she had made the wrong choice. The home she had purchased was a hands down great deal until it morphed into having three mortgages. One mortgage for conditioning the home, another mortgage toward maintaining the home and the last mortgage was toward owning the home and paying the principle and interest. There were a few unforeseen problems, as she confessed. The biggest problem was energy costs. The initial great deal was eventually at the cost of quality and energy efficiency.

2. Price per square foot is a poor metric to determine the livability of a home and neighborhood. Richmond home builderBoone Homes only builds in the finest planned communities with location, amenities and quality in mind. Whether you are seeking a no maintenance lifestyle or a single family neighborhood, you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at the video testimonials from our homeowners. A Boone Homes client is our best sales program.

3. Deals are typically deals two ways. Usually, a deal going into the property will require a deal exiting the property. Why is it such a deal to start with. Enough said.

4. You only toured used homes, when showcase new home inventory is ready for occupancy with a builder warranty! Settling for a used home, someone else’s problems and a marginal warranty, will seem ludicrous when compared to Boone’s 1year/2year/5year limited warranty.

4.5. You didn’t look at a Boone Home. A new Energy Star Boone Home will save you 38% in heating and cooling costs. The quality of a new Boone Home will convince you to be a buyer for life. Boone Homes has the highest rate of repeat clients in the Richmond metro area. Don’t take our word for it. Read our testimonials to see for yourself.

A savvy home and real estate buyer realizes that lifestyle is not measured by hollow and eventually expensive metrics. For more information about Boone Homes, visit our website.