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Steven Covey and other great time management gurus have expounded on the virtues and principles of time management. One of the simplest ways to be effective with time is to make a list of items to be accomplished and systematically complete the most important ones at the top and progress to the bottom of the list. A new list every day will increase productivity. Here is a typical list you may encounter if you don’t live in Richmond maintenance free homes.

  • Project A (work)
  • Project B (work)
  • Project C (work)
  • Home: Cut grass
  • Home: Painting trim
  • Home: Fertilize yard
  • Home: Fertilize trees
  • Home:  Prune bushes and trees
  • Home: Weed yard
  • Home:  Remove and compost clippings
  • Home: Irrigation schedule
  • Home:  Remove and dispose of pruned branches
  • Home:  Gutter cleaning
  • Home: Apply ICY HOT® and take pain medication
  • Enjoy and Experience Life

Sadly, “Enjoy and Experience Life” is at the bottom of the list. What if the routine was altered by living in a no maintenance community? What would your schedule look like?

  • Project A (work)
  • Project B (work)
  • Project C (work)
  • Enjoy life on the golf course
  • Enjoy life on the beach
  • Enjoy life with family
  • Experience a Mediterranean cruise
  • Experience a weekend away
  • Enjoy friends
  • Experience a lawn chair
  • Experience a guilt-free weekend with lemonade
  • Enjoy neighborhood gatherings.

Boone Homes is interested in giving you the gift of time. Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has 5 no maintenance communities designed to free your schedule and allow you to experience and enjoy life. Why are you waiting?

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How will you choose to spend your maintenance-free days?