Details That Really Count When Purchasing New Homes in Richmond

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Small things are what separate a quality life experience form a miserable one. Details transfer over to every area of life, including purchasing a home. Because of this Richmond home builder Boone Homes is offering a few insights into the home buying process so that you may have an exceptional experience. For example: Looking only at a home and the function of the home does little to quantify the lifestyle of the neighborhood in which the home will be located. The sum of all the details is what will equal the full measure of your entire life experience. Here are some details to consider:

References: Don’t be afraid to ask a builder for homeowners who have built more than one home with them. Boone Homes has the highest rate of repeat clients in the Richmond metro area, with some having bought three Boone Homes.

Lifestyle: Does the home and location complement the services and amenities provided by the neighborhood? Is the neighborhood maintained properly by homeowners or is the community maintained consistently by the community association? The consistency of maintenance and quality of the job done in the no maintenance neighborhood will free you up to Experience Life. No more mowing, mulching, raking, painting or routine yard maintenance. You are free to live life to the fullest.  Go ahead; experience life.

Selection: Surfaces, appearances, finishes and appointments are key components to making any house your home. Does your new home have the appointments and finishes you most desire? If not, are they available? Many builders will force you to select only from their selection. Boone Homes allows you a much wider range of possibilities. If you are considering a used home you will find only “Take- it-or-Leave-it.”

Analyze: Take time to check into the financing options available. Plenty of quality programs and options are available. If you decided to take advantage of today’s fantastic interest rates and then put your home on the market to sell, you will find great programs to help you with this transition. Boone Homes works with financing institutions that have a wide range of loan capabilities. One of the loans will accept the lump sum payment at the sale of your home and then will “recast” with the same great fixed interest rate to a much lower payment. How can this not be a dream come true?

If you’d like a tour of Boone Homes’ Richmond maintenance free homes, call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760 or visit the Boone Homes website.