Tips to Sell Your Ex-Home











To experience life to the fullest you need to move into one of the luxury homes in Richmond constructed in a Boone Homes no maintenance neighborhood. Why? So you can be free to live life. You know, the kind of experiences you worked so hard for: time to travel, time to see the grandkids and time to begin new and continue cherished traditions. The problem is you’re consumed with maintaining the home you want to be your ex-home. So how do you make the transition?

Here are a couple of tips to help you sell your home and finally move into a no maintenance community:

  • Simplify: Every home, including yours, has been personalized to your individual taste. Though our own tastes are what keeps us coming home, our preferences may be the wedge driving others from wanting to take it off our hands. For example, the Bavarian mug and shot glass collection may speak “home” to you as you walk in the front door, but may not even whisper “home” to another family. To remedy this, remove all but the bare essential decorations.
  • Neutralizing: A good and inexpensive tip would be paint. Your deep red dining room may spell h-o-m-e to your personal preference but may spell “t-o-o-m-u-c-h-w-o-r-k” for others. A few hundred dollars in neutralizing paint can transform your ex-home into a potential buyer’s new home. For more tips on how to neutralize your home, visit Richmond home builder Boone Homes for a professional consultation.
  • Repair: Every home has a few items that have been pushed aside in the course of life.  Most of these items are so small, they remain unnoticed to the everyday user.  The problem with selective perception is buyer’s senses are heightened and sensitive to each and every detail.  The sensitivity of the buyer is reductionary (new word).  In other words, the buyer is looking for reasons to eliminate your home from the buying process and any little detail can be the defining “last straw”.   If a door handle doesn’t work, it may be easy to replace, but the buyer says “these people did not maintain their home, what else is there wrong?”  Need a handy man?  Boone Homes can help and refer you to some quality services.
  • Sell: Sales representation is a key component to moving your home as quickly as possible. Real estate agents are up-to-date about prices and home values; however, it will cost you. In fact, representation costs will be the same when you hire the best as when you hire average. The only difference between the best and average is frustration and time on the market. If you would like a directory of local real estate talent, we will gladly supply a list of trusted agents.

Come and visit one of our five no maintenance neighborhoods today. Call Chris Parks 804.218.7760 for a personalized tour of a Boone Homes No Maintenance neighborhood.