Richmond Custom Homes with New Technology vs. Quaint Technology












Recently I was driving home and I passed a genuine Studebaker car. The experience was nostalgic. My childhood was revisited as I beheld the beauty passing by. Without thinking, I quickly pulled out my camera and shot the picture in the mirror. With the temperatures in the upper 90s and their windows down, all I could think is they must be really hot. The car passed into memory, but the thoughts on the car took me into research mode consulting Wikipedia for more information. As I flipped through Wikipedia the thought came to me that I was looking into yesterday’s technology. The nostalgia of yesterday is quaint, but difficult to maintain; and, from watching the passengers, hard to cool.

Richmond real estate is loaded up with used homes. As nostalgic as those homes are, they suffer from a malady of yesterday’s technology. Like the Studebaker, the energy efficiency in a nostalgic home is derelict from the wear and tear that it experienced throughout the years. This old house may be a labor of love, but unlike new luxury homes in Richmond, it will consume more energy than you know.

Boone Homes has been constructing Richmond new homes with ENERGY STAR® features. These features are far beyond just putting in appliances that meet energy standards. The ENERGY STAR® technology installed behind the walls of a new home has shown 38% improvement in heating and cooling costs. Couple the energy savings with nostalgic architecture and you have a home that will be nostalgic and energy conscious.

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