Purchasing New Homes in Richmond: Would you do it again?

Consumer confidence can be measured a variety of ways. One of the most meaningful ways to measure consumer confidence is by how many times trust is placed in the product being purchased, or brand loyalty. When considering the purchase of mustard, close pins or laundry detergent the choice costs you little and repeating the purchase involves little risk. The larger the purchase the greater the risk each person willingly takes on. Consider purchasing a pizza. What joints will you never frequent ever again? Or consider your last purchase of a car. What makes and models will you never purchase again? Risk exponentially increases with the ticket price of the item. The same is true for those who purchase new homes in Richmond.

Boone Homes, a Richmond custom home builder, is proud of a consistent track record of repeat clients. Take a look at this video and see for yourself a list of satisfied customers willing to purchase another new home from us. It seems we have the process, the warranty, the quality and the product to ensure satisfied and repeat new home buyers.

For a personalized tour of a quality new home, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. Boone Homes has luxury single-family estate neighborhoods and no maintenance living available. Many neighborhoods have new homes ready for immediate occupancy. Come today.

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