Great Expectations: Expected Virtue

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When buyers decide to build new homes in Richmond there are many expectations, though one stands out from the crowd. The expectation is that the home will be built in a quality neighborhood with quality materials and exceptional workmanship. This expectation, though anticipated, isn’t always inspected, leaving many homeowners with their hands full in a difficult neighborhood after the builder warranty runs out of service. Sadly, the pursuit for quality is vague and the definition is left to the sales person profiting from the transaction instead of being defined by the industry and homeowners who live in the homes.

Boone Homes is building homes with a keen attention to quality. This quality plays out in several areas which I will now list:

  • Innovative construction techniques
  • Innovative construction materials
  • Cutting edge architectural practices
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Planned communities with family lifestyles

The sum of the above is a quality home. But, don’t take my word for it; see what others have to say about the new homes built by Richmond custom home builder Boone Homes.

“Over the years I have inspected many Boone Homes and I have found that they build an exceptional home and would not hesitate to recommend that someone buy one. [Buyers] will find that they are not buying a house but a HOME.” Scooter Burgess, Burgess Inspections Inc.

“I love Boone Homes and would not hesitate to recommend this quality builder!”  Dana

These and many more happy home buyers are listed on the testimonial page of the Boone Homes website. These words have been backed up repeatedly by homeowners who have chosen to build more than one Boone Home.  Some homeowners have even built 3 homes with us.   No better testimonial than a repeat buyer.

Come and experience the Boone Homes difference today. For a personalized tour call Chris Parks, 804.218.7760. We would love to introduce you to the experience of a quality new home.

For more information about Boone Homes, visit our website.