Great Expectations: How Does it Work?

When it comes to new homes in Richmond, there can be a sense of mystery surrounding the unknown. The mystery of the unknown is, “do I live with the devil of the house I’m in with all the shortcomings that are so apparent, or take a chance with the unknown quantity of what a new home would provide.” After all, many of us have heard reports of homes not performing to expectations. Though this may be the case with some builders, Boone Homes has raised the bar on performance as well as what can be expected.

Since it is summer in the Mid-Atlantic we can begin talking about the energy consumption one can expect from a home. To level the playing field a little, we will do this comparison on energy price per square foot. The homes surveyed are approximately 3,100 square feet in size with similar amounts of rooms, bathrooms and unfinished space.

Here is the grid.

In a recent study, Boone Homes found it only took $91 to cool one of the new Energy Star homes in June of 2011. Though the study was non-scientific and completed by simply comparing energy bills, it really spoke volumes as to what the savings would be. Compared to other new homes, there is a monthly savings of $100 per month. Compared to used homes, the values increase exponentially.

Many assume that the cost ratio for this new technology is similar to energy efficient light bulbs that cost 4 times as much as regular bulbs. This simply is not the case. The Energy Star home is built with such tremendous energy savings and the technology simply replaced old technology increasing the cost only mildly. The marginal increase in materials is more than offset by energy savings.

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