What would you do with $1200?












Does your home pay you back $1,200 a year? Why not? A new Boone Home with Energy Star features would. Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has incorporated the latest Energy Star construction technology into the homes we are building. The new construction technology is saving about $1,200 a year on energy bills. How do we know? Easy. Boone Homes took two heating bills from December 2010 for homes built exactly alike in all ways except one had Energy Star features, the other did not. The home with Energy Star features outperformed the non-Energy Star home by roughly $100! This study was only comparing new homes, not new to used. What would the difference have been if the home had been a used home? I can safely assume the difference would have been more significant.

What will you use the extra money for? That answer is up to you, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Turn the heat up a little higher in the winter
  • Eat out more often
  • Stay on vacation a little longer
  • Attend a Going Green parade with pride
  • Buy your teenager a cell phone with unlimited texting

Boone Homes, a Richmond new homes builder, builds new homes in planned communities.

These planned communities enjoy great lifestyles of convenience, relaxation and amenities. Lifestyles beginning in the high $300’s in both single-family and maintained communities. Come visit a Boone Home today.  For a personal tour please call Chris Parks at 804-218-7760 or visit the Boone Homes website.