Richmond New Homes Offer the Best Value for Your Dollar

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I don’t know about you, but I have been budgeting my money lately, and carefully scrutinizing every purchase that I make. I think we all  have been choosing items more carefully, and making sure we get the best value for our dollar; but, sometimes it’s hard to know what the best value is. If something is cheaper, maybe the quality isn’t as good, or maybe there are hidden costs. Have you ever seen a commercial advertising a new car at some ridiculously low price, and think: “What’s the catch?” There’s always a catch, right? If you investigate, you find out that you really can’t purchase a car for that price — unless of course you don’t plan on needing an engine or tires. Sometimes it can be the same way in the housing market: The lowest price for Richmond new homes isn’t always the best value.

Surprisingly, living in a luxury home in Richmond, Va.,  can be affordable. You’ll never find a better time to get an outstanding deal on the home of your dreams. Boone Homes has new construction in Richmond that is reduced by $5,000, $10,000 and even $50,000 in some of  Richmond’s best communities. Check out  Coach Homes of Kinloch or Bellingham at Twin Hickory and see the Boone Homes difference.  Our homes offer everything you could ask for in a luxury home, at the best price — which is the real price, with no hidden costs. We even include the engine, I mean the kitchen.

Call Chris Parks at 804- 218-7760 or visit the Boone Homes website to find out about our outstanding deals.