38.1% Virtue of a New Boone Home

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Does your home feel like you are living outdoors under a blue tarp? The heater is on, the sweater is on, the house shoes are on and you’re freezing!  You would like to blow your nose if Jack Frost hadn’t ripped it off during the night. Sipping coffee and reading the newspaper would be a simpler pleasure if you didn’t have to chip a frozen layer of ice off the mug and your fingers quit shaking in the cold. Discontent might surface but the frost line has slowed your reactions and you feel you are living in a modern day ice age.  Where does the solution lie? (Did I mention that confusion is a side effect of hypothermia?)

Solution:  Purchase a new home from local Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, that is built with Energy Star features.

In a recent, non-scientific study completed by comparing the heating bill of a home built one year ago without Energy Star features and a similar home just finished with Energy Star features, we found a savings of 38.1%. Surprising? A one-year-old home built with the latest code requirements for heating and cooling is out performed by a home with Energy Star features. If that is the case, what savings would we see when we compared an older used home to a new Boone Home with Energy Star features?

Come on out and visit a Richmond new homes builder that has the highest rate of repeat luxury buyers of any builder in the Richmond Metro area.   For a tour of our neighborhoods visit the Boone Homes website or call Chris at 804-218-7760 for a personalized tour.