Boone Homes Gives Reason for Holiday Cheer











The cold weather has left a mark all over the country this year. Trapped, stranded and frozen travelers have experienced this icy phenomena first hand, but travelers weren’t the only ones stranded. A day after the latest snow storm froze and burst the plumbing pipes in the Tarrington neighborhood club house, the Home Owners Association was faced with a terrible dilemma:  Find a new location for the neighborhood holiday party or cancel the event. Rhonda, the chair for the Tarrington Home Owners Association Events called Richmond new homesbuilder Boone Homes with an urgent request. The request was, “Can we use one of your Boone Homes?”

After working out the details of accommodating over 170 people, caterers and staff here is the outcome in Rhonda’s words:

I do not know where to begin to say thank you to RVG and Boone Homes, to Community Group, and most especially to you Richard and David. None of this would have been possible if not for your belief in us and your incredible generosity. If ever there was a united front, it was for the Tarrington Holiday Celebration 2010! Thank you for all you did to make it possible.  Thank you for entrusting  me with so much support for the event and for making needed resources available and for never saying no.

The event was unbelievably fabulous or to use the words of the last guest to leave the house Friday evening, ‘it was a raging success, just a raging success!’

Happy Holidays from Boone Homes, your Richmond custom home builder.