Why is that house BLUE?!









Driving through the Hampshire community in Roanoke you may notice a strange sight…a blue house. Don’t worry; you won’t see hot pink or fluorescent yellow homes popping up. We at Boone Homes have not lost our minds and decided to try new extreme exteriors. What you are seeing is SIS™ board, the first step towards ENERGY STAR® qualification for the home. As the leading Roanoke custom home builder we spent many hours researching the best products based on building science to achieve an energy efficient home at the best value for our home owners. Dow’s SIS™ board ranked very high in our list of “must haves.”


SIS™ stands for Structural Insulated Sheathing and takes the place of OSB (engineered wood sheathing) and house wrap that is commonly used in traditional building practices. SIS™ board not only gives you the structural function that OSB achieves, it also has insulation properties and a moisture barrier, giving you a tight building envelope. Traditional building practices are like a windbreaker: They protect you, but sometimes cold or water gets through anyway. SIS™ is the ski jacket all zipped up, keeping you snug, warm and dry.

We install the SIS™ board as a continuous insulated sheathing over the entirety of the home, taping every seam with specialized tape and caulking every penetration through the board. This ensures that the board can perform to its potential. In our Roanoke energy efficient homes, Boone Homes uses the 0.5” board which offers an insulation value of R-3, approximately six times that of traditional building materials. This attention to detail makes sure that your building envelope is as tight as possible, just like zipping that ski jacket.

In addition to the structural and insulation benefits, SIS™ board offers a moisture barrier which helps prevent moisture from penetrating the exterior of your home. Keeping moisture out helps reduce the chance of not only water damage, but mold growth; protecting not only your home, but your health.

As this home is being built we will take you step by step through the energy efficient components used to become ENERGY STAR® qualified. Stay tuned for more to come.

Call Tim Garrison at (540) 278-1369 and come see this blue house at 5829 Monet Drive in Hampshire.