Things just aren’t built the way they used to be…

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Things just aren’t built the way they used to be. Have you had that thought recently as the latest gadget that you bought fell into pieces in your hands? How many toys did your children get for Christmas that are already broken? It seems when I was a child that they built toys to be indestructible, but toys just like cars and homes seem to be built with less pride and care in their craftsmanship these days. It’s sad, but it seems that most things are only built to last long enough to outlast the warranty – if it even has one.

At Boone Homes, we’re looking at new ways to build Roanoke real estate, but it isn’t because we’re trying to make a cheaper product; it’s because we want to give you the best product available and ensure it will last you a lifetime. That’s why we’re now offering Energy Star packages for our new homes. What this means is that you have the opportunity to own a home with the newest technology. A home that’s built to save you money on energy costs, improve your family’s health with better air quality, and make your home a more comfortable place to live.  Not to mention the benefits for the environment.

For more information on our Energy Star packages for Roanoke energy efficient homes, call Tim Garrison today at 540-278-1369.

Because at Boone Homes, things really aren’t built the way they used to be — They’re built even BETTER!