Never Shovel Snow in Roanoke Again !











After last winter’s record breaking snowfall across the state and the rare White Christmas we had this year, you must be thinking of all the snow ahead of us this winter. If you’re looking for Roanoke real estate, but don’t want the hassle of shoveling snow, then look no further than the Coach Homes of Southwood; Boone Homes’ No Maintenance Community in Roanoke. During our last snowfall in December, I drove through the Southwood community (of course after several hours of shoveling my own driveway and clearing snow off my car), and what did I see? All of the driveways were clear of snow and the sunshine was melting what little ice was left. These homeowners have realized their dream of never shoveling snow in Roanoke again.

One homeowner from Coach Homes was so happy, he wrote a letter:

“Our driveways were done so well… I like the way they hand shoveled in front of the garage doors before clearing the snow from the driveways. I heard them working late into the night last night. Thank you for taking care of us so promptly. We appreciate that.”

If the current weather pattern continues, we’ll all have more shoveling ahead of us this winter. That is, of course, unless you live in the Roanoke new homes inside a Boone Homes maintenance provided community.

If you are ready to make your dream come true, visit the Boone Homes website or give us a call today at 540-278-1369 and let us tell you all about never shoveling snow again.