2012 Richmond New Homes Forecast














What will the New Year bring us? After the eggnog is consumed, the confetti is cleaned up and the cleaning service has swept up the last streamer, we will gaze into the abyss of the crystal ball to discern the fate of Richmond new homes in 2012. Because a crystal ball is inaccurate, we will resort to the available data to glean what may be in store for 2012. The data seems to imply significant change on the horizon. Used home inventory will remain high, energy prices will continue to rise, inflation will continue to place pressure on consumer goods and new home inventory will be low. What does this mean to a prospective new home buyer?

First: Used homes will always be available and will continue to struggle with energy efficiency. The nostalgia of yesteryear will be available on the New Year’s market and they will continue to compete against new high-performing homes. These high-performing homes are not a trend, they are here to stay and will never be more affordable than they are right now. Used homes will still have the lowest cost of homeownership, but will be competing with high performance homes when the next sales cycle arises.

Second:  Fewer new homes are going to be available in 2012. Shortage? Our crystal ball did not quiet tell us people would be standing through the night by our doors to buy a home, but data from homes research is showing prime communities of Richmond custom homes will be in high demand. The data does point a shortage of high performing new homes.http://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

We have been building new homes for over 30 years. Each home is built as if it were our very own. The care and quality invested into each new home is inspected daily by our conscientious staff of construction personnel.

For a personalized tour of one of our high performing homes, please call Chris Parks at 804-218-7760, or visit the Boone Homes website.