Winter Wonderland More Enjoyable in Richmond New Homes










Winter is here. Step outside of your Richmond new homes and feel the proof. Drafty floors, windows and doors affect every home’s comfort. Frigid air affects all of us inside the home, unless you live in one of our new homes.

Comfort is higher in a Boone Home because we build ENERGY STAR qualified homes. The rigorous certification process each home goes through focuses on improving areas that ultimately affect the comfort of a home. For example, insulation practices during construction are tightened. During the insulation phase each hole and crevice created by the different trades to mechanize your home is filled with spray foam to reduce air flow.

Though this sounds like a trivial process, each home has the equivalent of ½ mile of cracks and crevices allowing air to filter in and out of a home. Putting this ½ mile of cracks and crevices into a context we can understand, the openings would equal leaving one window open year round. When put in those terms, that would be a significant winter wonderland – inside the home. The solution to the in-home winter wonderland is simple. Either retrofit comfort into your existing home or purchase a new home in Richmond where comfort comes standard.

We are a new home builder with luxury homes in Richmond where comfort comes standard. Our process has proven to reduce utility bills and build savings into an already comfortable bottom line. Couple comfort with the luxurious detail molding, designer kitchen and expansive owner’s suite and you will find a great home, lifestyle and investment.

We have been building new homes in the Richmond area for over 30 years. Each home is designed by award-winning architects and built by true craftsman.

For a personalized tour of a new home community, call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. Call today. Avoid the in-house winter wonderland and enjoy the gift of comfort.