Richmond Maintenance Free Homes: An Investment with ROI











What is your best investment? Think, but don’t think stocks, bonds or IPO. Think bigger. What do you have more of yesterday than today?


Time goes by and never comes back. Investments may appreciate with time, but time depreciates over time. What would make time more valuable? The law of supply and demand would probably apply to this resource as well. The less time you have the more valuable it becomes. There are plenty of chores that need to be done: balance the check book, maintain the cars, visit family, work a job, organize holiday parties and visit the beach. Which begs a question: why waste time on maintaining a yard of your new home in Richmond?

A no maintenance home built by Boone Homes is designed, like the title implies, to reduce the amount of maintenance a home needs and what little maintenance that’s needed is performed by the community association. Yard work, mulching, aerating, trash removal, gutter cleaning, occasional painting, irrigating and more are completed without you having to schedule a call.

These Richmond maintenance free homes are intricately designed by Boone Homes’ architects to maximize one-level living. Because of this reason all the main lifestyle features are placed on the first floor of the home. The second floor is designed to accommodate the occasional guest or party-goer. All the no maintenance homes being built are located on prime Richmond real estate. The neighborhoods are conveniently located in some of the most desirable places in Richmond.

Want to see for yourself? Come on out to one of our model homes for a preview. They are generally open from noon to 5 p.m. daily and are set up for you to come dream of possibilities. Want a private tour? Call Chris Parks 804.218.7760 for a private tour of one of the 5 no maintenance communities being built by Boone Homes. Come or call today!

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