Richmond New Homes and Earthquakes









Shake, Rattle and Roll took the Central Virginia area by surprise this past week. The ground quaked and shook with an earthquake and several after-shocks. The magnitude of the quake ended up around 5.9 with aftershocks in the 4s. Though this is no longer news, and certainly doesn’t match the quakes that happen on the West Coast, the damage left behind was not visible in neighborhoods where Boone Homes, a quality Richmond custom home builder, has built or is building. Why is this important?

Boone Homes builds quality homes. This statement is not just a motto, but a way of life. No one on the Boone Homes team is willing to let any detail slide. Structurally, our architects work hand-in-hand with our engineers to ensure the home is built, not to the bare minimum standards of code, but well above code. All of our new homes in Richmond are then built to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

Boone Homes has a warranty process. This warranty is a 1/2/5 year warranty covering details and ensuring quality long after the sale and well into possession. We don’t wait for you to call during the first year of occupancy. We send notices to remind you of the warranty and see if any items need to be corrected. This notice arrives at the 60 day mark of possession and at the 11 month mark. At Boone Homes we feel that we should help you safeguard the largest investment of your life.

Boone Homes has a service team. Should something go wrong, Boone Homes is there to help fix and restore.

Boone Homes has several quality new home neighborhoods around the Richmond metro area designed and built with quality in mind. For a personalized tour of these neighborhoods and a private showing of quality new home inventory ready for occupancy, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. We would be proud to show you why so many people have chosen a new home built by Boone Homes and why Boone Homes has the highest rate of repeat clients in the Richmond metro area. Come today!

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