Convenience of New Homes in Richmond

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Location, location, location. When looking for new homes in Richmond, it’s all about location. But what makes the location so valuable? Is it valuable just because some pundit or real estate professional said so? What happens in a down market? How do you define the virtue of a location? Here are few common sense considerations when mulling over someone’s suggestion to purchase prime Richmond real estate.

  • Proximity to supplies: How far are you from a grocery store? Most people don’t have the time necessary to farm all their own food. Picking up fresh apples at the store is much more convenient than competing with wild life to pick apples off the tree in your back yard. Plus, you can get apples around the clock at a grocery store versus off a tree.
  • Proximity to education: Access to all levels of education is important. Access to an exceptional academic institution nearby will increase value even in today’s market.
  • Proximity to health care: Quality healthcare places in the top 3 of what every location needs for future value to steadily increase.
  • Proximity to means of travel: Relatively easy access to highways or main roads that would lead in and out of town.
  • Proximity to support systems: Do you have friends or family within a relative short distance?
  • Proximity to life features: Are there local areas with shopping, dining and entertainment?
  • Proximity to work: Most people don’t want to commute heavy distances to arrive at the place of employment. Having a home conveniently situated near major roads will increase the value of location.

We build quality Richmond maintenance free homes in some of the area’s best real estate locations. Come take a look for yourself. You will find that the location is unbeatable.  For a personalized tour, please call Chris Parks 804.218.7760. Come see why so many have found convenience in our locations.

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