Back to School Lunch Box Routine

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Back to school sales mark the beginning of the dog days of summer. Preparations for the last minute vacations are squeezed into schedules with the notion that school is coming. The lunch boxes are peeking out of storage reminding us of the inevitable routine awaiting us – if only the kitchen were functional enough to make the routine easy. Lunch box morning routine, juice box afternoon routine or even pre-dawn coffee routines can be interrupted by a dysfunctional kitchen.

In each new home built by Boone Homes, a Richmond custom home builder, the kitchen is designed with luxurious beauty and installed with superior craftsmanship. The beauty and craftsmanship, however, do not interfere with the function. Each major work station is designed to fit well within what the industry calls the “work triangle.” This fit enables the kitchen work spaces to flow with ease away from intersecting traffic and early morning commotion. Specialty roll outs, recyclers, garbage collectors and organizational devices maximize efficiency in daily preparation, assembly and distribution of lunch boxes, meals or simply morning coffee.

Boone Homes is a luxury new home builder who builds luxury estate and Richmond maintenance free homes in some of the area’s most desirable locations. Each fine estate and maintenance free home is adorned with a specially designed gourmet kitchen. Want to design your own? When we build a new custom home just for you, there is an opportunity to meet with an experienced and award winning kitchen designer to personalize the luxury, or you can chose to redesign the entire space to fit your exciting concept.

Model homes displaying these gourmet kitchens are open daily for browsing and tours. Please call Chris Parks 804.218.7760 for a personalized tour of how Boone Homes can meet your needs. Come visit a model home show room today.

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