Used Home vs. Used Car: A great analogy











What would your expectations be of a vehicle you purchased built in 1996? Would you expect the ash tray to be backed up with wrappers, coins and maybe a little ash? Would you expect the windows to roll down manually? Would you expect to find chicken nuggets wedged under the seat? What sort of gas mileage could you expect? Even if the vehicle is in mint condition, would you expect a few idiosyncrasies? Could you expect to invest more money in repairs?

These are all good questions to ponder when considering vehicles with a little age on the odometer. Would any of these questions apply to a used home? I say they do, especially if you compare them to the new homes built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder. I’ve counted a few reasons why.


A used home, no matter how pretty, is built with yesterday’s technology. Sure: Retrofitting can be done, but at what expense? Will it price you out of the neighborhood? The logic is like trying to add power windows to a 1996 vehicle gifted with manual windows. Will retrofitting power windows add any value to the vehicle?


No matter how much insulation is added to a home’s attic and how much care is taken with programmable thermostats, a home will soon meet its maximum potential of energy efficiency. How can that compare to Energy Star Richmond new homes that start out with the right energy efficiency package to maximize energy consumption. A vehicle from 1996 may be able to get 18 MPG, but it will never perform to the standards of a hybrid. The used home will never perform at the same level as a new Energy Star home built by Boone Homes.


Breaks, tires, roof, windows, siding, floors….the list goes on. A new home built by Boone Homes gets a 1/2/5 year warranty included in the price. What does a used home get?

I think we can say with confidence that used cars and used homes are in the same category: Used.

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