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People are taking note of Boone Homes’ push to offer Roanoke energy efficient homes. Tim Garrison, VP of Sales and Marketing for Boone Homes, has been teaching classes on the topic of energy efficiency in new home construction to local real estate agents. The response has been great! Agents comment on how much they’ve learned and their colleagues are also requesting classes to be taught to their office or team.

In addition to agents’ interest being peaked, a reporter from The Roanoke Times, Betsy Biesenback, wrote an article in the March 25 Spring Spaces Special Edition of Homes NOW on energy efficiency, with much emphasis on the Boone Homes journey towards our first ENERGY STAR® home qualification. Below are excerpts from this great article.

[Boone Homes] latest project is Hampshire. Among the many offerings in this project is an Energy Star package, which guarantees that the home will meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star guidelines. The company’s first Energy Star certified house is currently under construction and will be finished in late spring or early summer, Garrison said.

There are three basic elements that make a house energy-efficient, Garrison said. First, it must have an energy-efficient “building envelope”, which means that all sides of the house, including the roof and the basement, must be built in ways that will maximize energy savings.

The second step is to make sure the house is well insulated. This involves sealing up any holes that have been made in the exterior walls for windows, plumbing, electrical, gas or other services.

The third step is to install an energy efficient HVAC system. Central to this is making sure the furnace is sized correctly.

An energy efficient home will have a [HERS] rating of 85 or less, but to be Energy Star certified, it should score at 75 or less. [T]he Hampshire house should come in at 73 or 72.

It’s great to see the community excitement building in Roanoke over Boone Homes efforts to offer ENERGY STAR qualified homes. If you’re interested in buying a Boone home, check out our new home buyer’s counseling session.

To find out more about how to move your family into energy efficient home in Roanoke, call Tim Garrison at (540)278-1369.