3 Showcase Homes: The Best Things Happen In Groups

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Some of the best things in life happen in groups.  Think about it.   Three chocolate bars shared with another friend are better than trying to share two fun-size bars.   I haven’t read the fine print, but there must be a no share policy written on the bag of each fun size candy bar, simple candy bar ethics.  Another example, a gift certificate for a double-mini-cake-doughnut with pink frosting and white wedding bead sprinkles alongside a frappe places higher on the good gift list than just a coffee.  Boone Homes has applied this very reasoning to building Richmond new homes.  Why build one, when you can build three and make them really sweet.  Let me explain.


Boone Homes recently started 3 showcase inventory homes side by side all at the same time in Haywood Village at Charter Colony.  These aren’t just any homes; they are “Showcase” inventory homes.  They lathered up in extras like easy to maintain Hardwood Floors, KitchenAid stainless appliances and gourmet kitchen designs.

How could one miss the detail of the owner’s suite soaking tub?   Or the relaxing sitting room located a few steps of retreat from bed for the late night wind down?  Who doesn’t love the convenience of the 2nd floor laundry room?   What about the 1st floor study that keeps you close to the family, but contains the private call?   Couple that with great lifestyle features in your community of sidewalk, pool, tennis courts, tennis pro (lessons); life does happen in groups.  Not only can you now pick your neighbor, with 3 homes to choose from, but you can also move in for mid $400s.  That brings out a whole new meaning to “showcase.”

Haywood Village in Charter Colony is a very private neighborhood nestled out of earshot of major roads but only minutes off of highways 288 and 60.  Come visit us today.  You this may be your last chance to have your friends move in next door.