Fun, Fun, Fun … and I don’t mean the Beach Boys










Summer is over, the kids have started back to school, and fall is upon us. If only there was something fun to do in the autumn between now and Halloween.  Thank goodness, Richmond, VA,  is such a fun place to be because life here is NEVER EVER boring.   This weekend, September 17,18, and 19 Field Day of the Past comes to town.  It really is like stepping back into the past to see all of the old cars,  and demonstrations of work from days gone by. Everything from sawmills to horse pulls will make you nostalgic for yesteryear.  Not to mention all the craft exhibits, good food, and rides for the kids.

Now that I have planned out this weekend for you, I guess you think that I am done.  Well, just “hold your horses,”  guess I have been at Field day too long. What I mean is to wait a minute, I wasn’t finished, there’s more… much more.  The Virginia State Fair is coming to town !  Now that is what I call A LOT of FUN !   All Richmonders know that fall isn’t really  in swing until the fair comes to town.  And the drought we have been having, don’t worry about that, it always rains when the fair is in town. Well it does, just ask Jim Duncan.

The Virginia State Fair opens on Thursday, September 23 and stays through Sunday, October 3rd. Plenty of time to see all the exhibits, go to your favorite concerts, ride all the rides, and eat funnel cake until you are sick.  Don’t worry, there is also a lot of stuff for the kids to see and do too.   You should go to their website and start planning your FUN now.

If that isn’t enough fun for you, then I guess you are just going to have to get out your Beach Boys records (those old LP’s you have in the back of the closet), and start playing Fun, Fun, Fun, because I am wore out just telling you about all the fun you are going to have the next few weeks in Richmond.  Life here is good, really good, and if you live in a Boone Home it is even better.  If you are moving to the area, or just looking to move from your current Richmond home, please visit our website and see why owning  a Richmond new home built by Boone Home is the most fun you will ever have in Richmond.  Let us show you how easy it is to live in style, and luxury.  Let us introduce you to No Maintenance Living  like in our Bellingham at Twin Hickory neighborhood, then you will have more time for all of this fun. Call Chris Parks at 804-784-6192 for more information.