What Are The Benefits of a Green Home?










The Green Building movement is a major change to the way new homes are built. If you are actively searching for a green home in Roanoke or Richmond, here are some things to keep in mind.

The scientific research that has been done in the housing industry as part of the Green Building movement has identified the areas in homes where there are problems. In traditionally built homes as much as 20% of the home’s heating and cooling are leaking outside, resulting in wasted money and wasted resources.  This research has led to the development of guidelines that we call “Scientifically Designed Homes” or “Green homes” the terms are used interchangeably.  Today’s new homes are going to be built better because of this research.

Green Home Benefits to the Buyers?

First, the Quality of Construction is Superior to traditional building methods. The criteria of “Scientifically Designed” homes addresses minimizing energy loss, installing a vapor barrier that keeps the moisture outside and does not allow it into the structure, this is to prevent mold. All of these elements working together make your home’s construction superior to those built just a few years ago.

Second, the Building Envelope will now be sealed from the Outside Environment. One of the more important components of the “scientifically designed” home is that the building envelope is sealed from the outside environment by sealing cracks, holes and voids through advanced insulation and exterior sheathing practices. There are four reasons that this is done. It minimizes any energy loss through those cracks, holes, or voids, and assures that the home is as energy efficient as possible. The second reason is to create a vapor barrier to eliminate moisture infiltrating the structure, and to make sure that there is not a mold problem.

The third reason is to provide cleaner air inside the home by not allowing the polluted air to come into your home.The pollution from exhaust fumes from cars and trucks, pollen, and other pollutants that are hazardous to your health, and are kept outside in a well-sealed home. Individuals with allergies and asthma can benefit greatly from homes that have the envelope sealed from the outside environment.  It makes your home a safer and healthier place for your whole family.

Fourth, Lower Cost of Ownership over the Life of the Home Due to Reduced Energy Bills. The building envelope sealed from the outside environment, an advanced insulation package, a radiant barrier roof sheathing (which reduces heat transfer into the home by thermal radiation from the sun), a lower U Value for windows and doors (which reduces the amount of heat transferred through windows and doors), and a scientifically designed more energy efficient heating and air condition system, all of these elements will lower the total cost of home ownership (cost of the home plus the cost of utilities) for the first year and for every year of the life of your  home. And that is at today’s prices! The savings will be greater as the cost of energy continues to go up, so your savings will increase over time.

These are things that we learned through our  research on Green Building, and the Energy Star Program, and we hope it will help you “wrap your mind” around the concepts as it did for  us. We, at Boone Homes, invite you to take the opportunity to come in and let us share with you the “Energy Star Program” and how building a green home with this program may benefit you.