Simple Pleasures: No Maintenance Richmond New Homes

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Most of the best things in life are simple.  For example, compare a walk through the park with the grand kids to a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Which event sounds more relaxing?  My guess is you probably selected the event without the rodent and cardboard pizza.  Simplicity once again takes its rightful place at the top of the list.

In your search for simplicity and Richmond new homes, you’ll want to visit the Coach Homes of Kinloch, we started with simplicity in mind.  In our design we did not remove the intricacy of architectural detail, nor did we remove the luxury of the homes.  Boone Homes design for the Coach Homes of Kinloch removed one thing to make life simple.   Maintenance.  By designing the Coach Homes of Kinloch as a no maintenance neighborhood, Boone Homes made life simple. How simple would life be if you no longer needed a rake, shovel, mower, or paint brush for the exterior of your home? I think you may even find time to do some more complicated events like take a cruise, visit Europe, have a cocktail or maybe even visit Chuck E. Cheese.

Coach Homes of Kinloch boast luxury new homes starting at $499 with two showcase inventory homes ready to simplify your life.   Give me a call and I will show you how simple I can make your life or take a video tour of the model home. Once you see how simple life is, you won’t want to live any other way.  Call me today:  Chris Parks 804.218.7760