Lock and Leave: No Maintenance Homes










There is a wonderful new phrase in the real estate business called “Lock and Leave.”  Its greatness lies in  its simplicity.  In a few simple words it states how revolutionary No Maintenance living really is.

Buying a no maintenance Roanoke new home can change your life.  It is perfect for the newly retired couple who want a place to call home for all of those wonderful family holidays and events; yet have the strong urge to travel, and have all of those adventures they have been waiting a lifetime for.  It is also perfect for the busy executive who wants to come home on the weekend and have time to go to the kid’s ball game, but instead comes home to a yard full of work waiting to be done.   It can be difficult to know how to manage it all.  But with Boone Homes’ No Maintenance living it really is as simple as “Lock and Leave.” Get in your car and go– Lock and Leave your home.  Everything will be taken care of.  You will not come home to weeds, or tall grass, or upset neighbors because your yard is a mess.  Snowstorm while you are out of town?  No problem, your driveway will be cleared for you before you get home.

If all this sounds to good to be true then you need to talk to some of our homeowners in our No Maintenance communities like Bellingham at Twin Hickory in Richmond, or Coach Homes of Southwood in Roanoke,  and let them tell you about the dream of No Maintenance living that has become a reality for them.  We know that we have  the perfect home for you and your family in a community that will meet all of your needs.  For more information on Boone Homes in Richmond, call Chris Parks at 804-784-6192, or in Roanoke call Tim Garrison at 540-278-1369.   As they say in one of my favorite movies, ” It is possible to have roots and wings.” Let Lock and Leave No Maintenance living show you how to soar.