Rainy Play Date Solution











Rain does not make a very good day for a play date. Slides are wet, swings are wet, not to mention all that mud.  Hiding in a pavilion waiting for the rain to pass is no fun at all.  What if there was another solution?

Boone Homes Architects have gone to great lengths to design homes with private spaces, family spaces and common spaces.   One of the most brilliant rainy day designs in a new Boone Home is the loft.   The loft is a space between the bedrooms on the second floor acts as a multi-purpose common area.   In the loft there is space for the second floor game room, the home work room, the library, the after hours wind down pad with a TV and a remote, or the rained out play date solution room.   The loft in a New Boone Home is far enough from the formals spaces to prevent the creep of toys and noise, yet it is close enough to be able to lend an ear to the activity.   Barbie Cinderella’s enchanted castle can spread out to magical lands while sharing space with the ever morphing Power Rangers.  An afternoon PBS show will calm the princesses and troops right before sending them home to their own enchanted home.

Need an extra bedroom?  The loft can be modified during the new home construction process to function not only as a game room, but also as the necessary guest space.  What a great multi-purpose space.  Every family could use a loft.

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