Designed with Tradition in Mind…Your Tradition

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One of the most beautiful times of the year is fall.  While the heat of the summer melds into the history books with the pint sized Jedi and pixies of Halloween, the crisp clean air of fall evokes traditions.  Traditions that have been in incubation all year hatch in the kitchen surrounded by miniature sugar elves covered in powder sugar and dotted with multi-colored sprinkles.  What a great time for nut covered candied apples, laced top apple pie and sugar cookies angels adorned with frosting.  The kitchen certainly does enhance the memories of a well-executed tradition.

If you are searching for Richmond new homes, you’ll want to make sure to look at Boone Homes of Richmond. We believe in making the kitchen the launching pad for all of your holiday traditions. Care and planning goes into every detail of the kitchen.  Boone Homes Kitchen designer works tirelessly to ensure that the traffic patterns of the home do not collide with the work triangle.   Efficiency placement of storage, preparation and clean-up work space design is imperative.  Many kitchens appear as if a minimalist had designed counter space, even the placement of the coffee maker and toaster seem to crowd these surfaces.  Not so with Boone Homes.  Counter space is held in high regard.  Enough space to hold the small appliance, to roll out that sugar cookie while at the same time hold the corner on chic fashion and design.

Each and every Boone Home is designed with tradition in mind, your tradition. Boone Homes has 8 planned neighborhoods to choose from throughout Richmond.  Couple a fantastic lifestyle with a well planned home and you are the winner.   Call today for a personalized tour of your new home 804-218-7760.  Come and visit a Boone Home today.