Your New Home: Merely Shelter? Or Magical Faire?

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Everyone needs a safe resting place to hide from snow, rain and heat.  The need for shelter is one of the most basic needs of humanity. But what about a place where family can trade care, stress, appointments, and business for a conversation immersed in comfort and privacy?    Does a place like that exist?    Magic does happen…I’d like to say it does for those who purchase Richmond new homes from Boone Homes.

Though Boone Homes cannot harness your family’s schedule Boone Homes can and has designed every floor plan for family.   Mudrooms with custom designed cubbies grab book bag and coat clutter from the incoming clutter fairies.   Family rooms melt into the kitchen optimizing family time, private conversation and intimacy.  Sing along with the holiday tunes wafting through your built in speaker system, or simply turn down the lights and jointly stare at the dancing flames in your fireplace.   Sugar pixies and restless Jedi Warriors will snuggle with you on the couch, enjoying bowls of popcorn, ready to live out the latest round of Clone Wars or Sugar Pixie Hollow. 

Need to work from home?  Retreat to the first floor study to polish up on tomorrow’s presentation while maintaining proximity to the enchanted princess and miniature warrior you work so hard for in the first place, your family.

All of our plans are designed for beyond the sale with family in mind.  No wonder so many families have chosen Boone Homes as the luxury builder for their new home.   Come visit one of our Richmond family friendly communities today.   I’m sure you will find a great plan for your Sugar Pixie or Jedi Warrior.

Life has pressures.  Life is magical in a Boone Home.